Communications and Space Sciences Laboratory

The Radar and Communications Laboratory

Department of Electrical Engineering

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On Campus

The on campus facility is housed at the Department of Electrical Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus. This area consists mainly of office space, but also maintains area for experimental projects. Laboratories are located on the second and third floor of the Electrical Engineering East building.

Off Campus

Asides from the on campus facilities, the Radar and Communications Laboratory maintains two offsite facilities for various experimental RADAR research.


This extension of the RADAR and Communications Laboratory is located two miles from the Pennsylvania State University, University Park campus. The facility adheres to the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) and as such maintains a US citizen only policy. Larger RADAR projects are housed at this 2000 ft2 CATO Park facility.

Anechoic Chamber

The most recent addition to the RADAR and Communications Laboratory's abilities is one of the largest anechoic chambers in the nation. Originally part of the Navy, this chamber is now suited for academic, government and commercial programs.

The facility boasts the following specifications:

  • 100 ft long x 40 ft wide x 40 ft high
  • Shielded enclosure provides 100 dB isolation
  • 100 MHz to 100 GHz
  • A Quiet zone 56 ft long, 12 ft in diameter
  • Additional three floors of 2400 ft2 air conditioned space
  • A building which is solid welded steel construction